I made one of your recipes. Can I share the picture with you?

Please do! This is one of my favorite things to see. You can share the photo on theHow Sweet Facebook pageor upload it toinstagram给我贴标签(@多可爱啊; if your profile is private, use #howsweeteats). I love seeing what you’ve made. I mean, I really adore it.

Can you give me the nutitrional breakdown of this recipe?

Unfortunately, I cannot. But feel free to plug the exact ingredients you use into any of the free available online calorie counters. There are tons of them these days.

Is there an easy way to access your monthly favorites posts?

Yes – clickhere, and for future reference, you can click the drop down “categories” menu on the right sidebar and choose “favorites.”

I tagged you in anInstagrampicture but you never liked it! What gives?


How do I print a recipe?

配方框的右上角有一个打印图标。要了解更多细节,请阅读this post

Who designed your website?

LindsayfromPurr Designand she is PHENOMENAL. Seriously. I cannot say enough good things. I highly, highly recommend her.

What happens to all the food? Do you really eat everything you post?

Definitely. I could never share something with you that I wouldn’t personally eat.

The blog is an extension of my passion to create recipes and is no reflection of what we eatdaily。有时我让每天超过六个食谱that get eaten either that day or later in the week, or sometimes things get made for parties or when we are entertaining. It just depends on what kind of recipes I’m making that week. Either way, the food gets eaten, except for maybe the last of some leftovers or a few stale cupcakes that we are sick of. My first priority is to create unique recipes to share that find a balance between heathy meals, comfort food, and indulgent desserts that I can share with my invisible internet friends – not to cook things that we will eat daily. What you see on the site today might be something I made three or four weeks ago.

Is blogging your full time gig?

Yesssss. I adore it. Recipe development, blogging and freelance food writing all contribute to my full time job.

This means that I can support myself fully with this job. My husband does not financially support me, nor did he as I started this career – I worked other jobs until I was able to do so. I feel insanely grateful that I am able to do what I love every single day, but I worked my ass off for it – and continue to do so. I’ve been entrepreneurial my whole life and this is what I love. I have a degree in business but previously was a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, teaching classes since 2001 and training clients since 2005. And yes… I still loved food back then.


Work harder than everybody else. Seriously. Only blog because you 100% love it. Do not expect to make any money from it, even if others are.

I really don’t feel that I warrant being asked this question because I don’t do anything extraordinary. I think the three most important things are to consistently write about what you are passionate about, not what you think is “popular,” to write in your own conversational voice, and to make your pictures as outstanding as you can. I answer a few of these questions more in depth in the comments inthis post. 最重要的是,只要你做你自己,保持一致,什么都不要改变。我从一开始就对自己和这个网站保持真诚——有些人讨厌它,有些人喜欢它——但我从不为此感到难过,因为它是真正的我。万博体育赛事

Can I write a guest post for your site?



I do not do product reviews on How Sweet It Is and never accept free products in exchange for reviews. Occasionally I will do a sponsored post which often includes some recipe development. I work for compensation, not brand exposure.


Can I advertise on your site?

My advertising is run throughFederated Media. 如有任何疑问,请与他们联系。

Do you really hate vegetables?



I try. I try really, really hard. Luckily, blogging has taught me ways that allow me to choke them down. Like, once a week. I can currently enjoy kale, brussels sprouts and mushrooms. I know… really weird stuff that most people hate. Basically at this point, I force myself to eat them and play toddler-like games with my brain: “eat this salad and you can have a cookie!” Uh huh.

Who takes the photos on this blog?

I do! Only me. No help.

Tell me about your camera.

As of August 2010, I am shooting with a尼康D5000and [99% of the time] a35mm f/1.8 lens。I only shoot in natural light. I do not have a light box or a tripod. Depending on the background I am shooting, I may edit my photos inAdobe Lightroomif needed.

All photos before August 2010 were shot with a Canon point and shoot (SX100) that was 3 years old.

Update: as of January 2103 I am shooting the majority of my blog photos with aNikon D800and switching between the same35mm f/1.8 lens, a50mm f/1.4镜头and the24-70 f/2.8 lens。I still really have no clue when to use what lens and just play around when I’m in the mood. I have purchased a tripod but DO NOT use it for photos you see on the blog. I take too many different photos and don’t have the time for constantly screwing around with the tripod – I prefer to move. I still ONLY shoot in natural light. I use the occasional light bounce if needed – which is just a white piece of cardboard. My backgrounds that look like marble/ceramic are simply large pieces of tile that I bought at Lowe’s for $5 or less.

更新#2:从2016年秋季开始,我用Canon 5d mark IVand it changed my life. I find it SO much more user friendly than Nikon and it has made photography (very) slightly more enjoyable for me. I mostly shoot with the100mm lensand the50mm f/1.4镜头。I still only shoot in natural light. I use backgrounds fromEricksonandWoodville


Yes. I really don’t mind.

Can you tell me how you frost your cupcakes?




Can you respond to my email?

I hope so! I can most definitely respond if you keep your email short and to the point.

Can you answer my question about one of your recipes?

Of course. Please leave the question IN THE COMMENTS ON THE RECIPE POST. I cannot answer the question via email. It’s also helpful because others may have the same question as you. In fact, someone else may have already asked the question, so if I don’t immediately respond, check out previous comments.

When you eat avocado toast, do you add anything to the smashed avocado?

肯定做的。盐,胡椒的d occasionally a spritz of lime. Seehere

Who the heck is Mother Lovett?

Mother Lovett is my maternal grandmother. She passed away in April of 2009 and I began this blog because of my love for my amazing grandmothers. Words can’t really express Mother Lovett. You can read about her lifehere, how we served her ½ a cake on her birthday without her knowinghere, her recipeshere, how she mispronounced every word known to manhere, and how we celebrated her lifehere


如果你有任何问题,尽管问I try to respond to every email and comment I receive, but inevitably a few fall through the cracks. Please leave a comment on a blog post if you have a question – I tend to reply to those first. If I missed your question, please don’t hesitate to ask it again.