What I Read In January 2021.

what i read in january I howsweeteats

Hey hey!

January was a HUGE reading month. I read constantly. And I read so many good books!

I get the question of how I read so much (especially with kids) very often, and I really thought about it this month so I could go into detail. I always answer it in the comments, but figured I’d put it here for future reference. For me, the bulk of my reading right now happens on the weekends. This is especially true with covid – we don’t go anywhere Friday and Saturday night at the moment, so it’s not unusual for me to read an entire book once the kids go to bed. It’s a nice way to keep from scrolling my phone endlessly late at night. I still work quite a bit on the weekends, but never late at night like I do on weeknights. And it’s not like I’m reading war and peace – most of my reads are light and easy that can be read in 5 or 6 hours on my kindle. This month especially, I read mostly super fast, light reads.

So for instance, I’ll read a book Friday night once the kids go to bed. I start it at 8, maybe finish it at 1. I don’t plan this – I only read late if I’m reeeeally into a story. Sometimes I read on the couch while Eddie watches a show! Sometimes I get in bed and read the whole thing there. If I finish, I start another Saturday night (or I maybe get like an hour total of reading in on Saturday morn/afternoon since Eddie is home, it just depends!) and I may even finish that one that night too. It depends on if Eddie and I watch a movie or something, how long the book is, etc. I then may start a new book Sunday, continue to read it throughout the week (an hour or two before bed) and then finish by Thursday or Friday and repeat the process. Of course, some weekends I don’t read at all! It just totally depends. Right now, in a pandemic ridden freezing cold PA winter, I’m reading a ton.

Also, right now I am working alone because my cousin, who works with me full time, is on maternity leave! So I sometimes listen to audio books when I’m cooking and photographing.

Other than that, I don’t get much reading done during the week at all. I do fit it in when I can (when I sit in the carpool line for Max, I may read, so that’s like ~30ish minutes, but sometimes I also do phone calls) and I do tend to read everyday. Honestly this isn’t something I need to work at – I’ve just done this since I was a kid! I don’t look at reading as a part of my job, though yes, I do still want to write fiction. Reading isn’t a chore for me and I find it to be a fun escape. It’s just a part of my life. Of course some months I only read four books. Right now, I find that with the lack of new TV (Eddie and I love to binge a good show), my best choice is to read. Last month,I also shared我一直在阅读大量因为我pregnant, because doing much of anything else makes me feel like crap and I have major pregnancy insomnia. Ha!


While I’m keeping my reviews here on the blog, remember that you can follow thegoodreads account随着我正在读的,所以你可以看到我实时阅读的内容。

You can alsojoin the book club!!我们有instagramandsecret facebook group here. All of the book club interactions have really been taking place in the FB group!

You can findmy reading lists here和以前What I Read postshere. I’d love to hear below what you read this month!

WHAT I READ IN January 2021

The Wife Upstairs– 5 stars

I REALLY loved this one. I have a hard time reading thrillers – well, reading/watching/listening to anything scary since having kids. But I love a good thriller when there are no kids involved, and this is one of them! The story follows Jane who is a dog walker in an upscale neighborhood. She has a shady past and ends up falling in love with a man in the neighborhood who is recently widowed. He also may or may not be a little shady. It was a little predictable but still so, so good and I couldn’t put it down! Absolutely loved it.

Pretty Life Wife– 3 stars

Continuing my thriller journey, I read this next! I guess I wasn’t finished with thrillers yet. The story follows Lila, whose husband is missing. There has also been a string of missing women over the last few years. Lila seems a little odd herself, so you just don’t know where this story is going. I wanted to love this one, but there was almost so much weird detail in the first half of the book that I had a hard time getting into it. The detective scenes (without Lila) were also pretty long winded and I had a hard time sticking to those too, probably because I’m not super into true crime stuff. I did like the ending and didn’t think it was totally out of the blue. Still a fairly good read if you want a thriller!

Dear Emmie Blue- 3.5星

This was our January book club pick and I thought it would be SO good. The story follows Emmie who has had a best friend for 14 years that she is secretly in love with, and now he’s getting married. The truth is that it dragged a bit for me at first. I felt like there were details left out of the beginning that could have been helpful. I did ultimately end up liking this and it finished strong for me. It just wasn’t as quick to get through as I hoped!

How To Fail At Flirting– 5 stars

我爱这个。天啊。这个名字没有这样司法。这个故事跟随Naya,谁可能会失去她的工作,并从朋友那里获得一些建议,在镇上度过一个晚上。她最终会见一个人,认为这可能是一个夜晚的立场......但这不是。这本书真好!这里有很多现实世界问题,我只是认为这个头衔描绘了这本书中发生的事情。它也让我大声笑了几次,结局很棒。我真的,真的很喜欢它。这是our February book pick!!

表兄弟– 3 stars

This was the first book I read in the new year. I had high hopes, but I also don’t love YA stories. The story follows three cousins who don’t really know each other, and are brought to an island where their grandmother (who they have never met!) lives. The ending is a bit of a surprising twist (I hadn’t really figured it out fully) and that redeemed it quite a bit for me. But ultimately it still felt really YA and it wasn’t my favorite. Pretty quick read and I guess would be considered a mild suspenseful thriller.

The Ex Talk– 4.5 stars

我昨天刚刚完成这个,我真的很喜欢it. The start was a little slow for me because I just don’t have an interest in public radio and what it entails, but I got into it quickly. It also has the hate-to-love trope that I adore. The story follows Shay who has a coworker she hates. They end up working closely together and, of course, falling for each other. The only part I had a hard time believing was the reveal of Dominic’s age. Some of the story felt like he was just so young and had already been in a long term relationship, that it wasn’t all believable. (Which again, is just me talking about a dumb stereotype, haha!). However, I really loved it and enjoyed the ending too! It’s a super fast, light read.

Musical Chairs– 4 stars

I read this on a whim after seeing it in my kindle recommendations. I was hooked from the start – even though it also had subject matter that I’m not especially interested in. I found the writing in this to be SO GOOD. The story follows a man and a woman who are best friends, not ever having a romantic relationship. It details some conflict with them but is really the story of one summer of their lives. I wasn’t as invested in some of the other characters that they talked about a lot, and found the father’s story a little boring for me, but still heartwarming. I will say that I did not love the ending of this one, but that’s just because I’m a hopeless romantic who always wants the ending that I personally want.

发货– 4 stars

我一直在等待这本书释放,并令人兴奋地读它!这是另一个仇恨对爱的牵引权,所以当然,我在。故事遵循亨利,在营销中为游轮营销。她有一个同事,她无法忍受,但他们实际上工作 - 最终结束了巡航会议,他们被迫共同努力工作。这是超级可爱,我真的很喜欢它!喜欢结束因为,为什么不呢?我得到了我想要的东西。哈!

Eliza Starts a Rumor- 3.5星

I read this after Elin Hilderbrand recommended it on instagram and it was pretty good! The story follows a woman who years ago, created an online mommy forum which really gave her a purpose. Now, her kids are out of the house and she is suffering from severe anxiety, and she is afraid another online group is taking over, so she creates a rumor that kind of ends up being true. The rumor affects the lives of many women and they become friends. I did love that part. For some reason, I couldn’t get the cast of Workin’ Moms out of my head for this book – LOL! It was a good story and there is a serious, surprising twist at the end that really makes the story wrap up well.


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  2. 我刚刚完成了五年和omg。它搞砸了我,但也很值得。如果你还没有,肯定会检查出来!

    • 啊,我读过它并同意!完全得到了我!

  3. 本月我最喜欢的书受过教育(Tara Westover),但我也看过她所知道的(Gilly Macmillian),故事讲述者(Jodi Picoult),谎言(艾米莉Giffin)和访客名单(Lucy Foley)。

    I am currently reading Keeping Lucy.

    • nice!!

  4. 我仔细阅读了Megan Miranda,Marita Conlon-Mckenna的饥饿路和北极狂犬师傅的完美陌生人。我目前正在阅读ruta sepetys'沉默的喷泉。

    • 听起来像个月!

  5. 你明年这次阅读了吗?我想你会进入它。我上个月读了16本书 - 我每天晚上都读到睡觉前 - 但老实说,他们都没有那么大。

    I met Amy Poeppel at a friend’s house when she did a reading, and she was the NICEST person. Like, the kind of person you’d just want to hang around all day.

    • 我上个月确实读过那个!这很好!
      and she sounds incredible! i love her writing.

      • Did you read the Invisible Life of Addie LaRue? It was SO mesmerizing – I was so sucked into her world, in the best way possible. 5/5!

      • i haven’t read that!! i will add it to the list!

  6. I just finished Musical Chairs, too! I love the author’s previous novel, Small Admissions, and since I used to play classical music, I was totally into the premise for this one. I really enjoyed it and loved seeing the various storylines.

    • 哦,我想我打算读小招生!谢谢cj!XO.

  7. Thanks for this great list! I have Shipped already in my Audible library, but haven’t started it yet. Now I can’t wait to get to it. I’m currently listening to A Promised Land, which is good, but LONG. Some of my other recent favorites were The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, When We Believed in Mermaids, and Chloe Liese’s latest installment in the Bergman Brothers series, Ever After Always.

    • omg我在2周前开始了一个承诺的土地 - 这就像30个小时!哈哈,它会带我一段时间才能完成。但它很好。

  8. Just finished Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. It was the best book I have read in a long time! Mixed serious topics with humour.

    • Loved anxious people!!! Check out his other books. He’s a great author.

      • yes i loved anxious people and adore his book beartown!!

  9. 简·罗森(Eliza谣言开始)的其他书,倪ne Women One Dress, was so good. I did the audio version and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    • i’ve had that on my list!!

  10. Brian Freeman. Jonathan Stride mysteries.
    and C.J. Box…by the way the show on tv now ” Big Sky” is one of his characters Cassie Dewel. Good read!

    • oh i am loving big sky!!

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  12. 我正在读美国女儿:斯蒂芬妮·桑顿普利曼尔的回忆录,它是令人难以置信的!不是小说,而不是光明,但SOOOO好。这是你记得的书之一......