january favorites

Here’s a peek at everything I loved in January 2021! xo



Terra Chips Heritage Blend。我不是一个巨大的筹码爱好者,但哦,我的长袜这些都是如此美好。咸,脆脆,有这么多的味道。我们都爱他们!

Mywarm brussels crunch salad。I can’t stop making this. We’ve been eating it all of January and I am obsessed with it for lunch.


Mypassion planner!! It never fails that when January comes, I’m reminded how much I LOVE this planner. I use the academic year so don’t have a new one in January, but I’m always reinvigorated by my planner come the new year.

Stabilo Pastel Highlighters。我之前也提到了这些,但他们是我最喜欢在我的策划者中使用的亮点!我也喜欢他们的矮胖和脂肪 - 它们在你手中非常适合。

Breville Automatic Tea Maker。i.am.in.love.With.this。这是吹嘘!这是一个矛盾,但我每天都用它一次(一天多次)超过一个月一半。它是为松散的茶叶制成的,但我也将它作为电热水壶每天几次。我不会说我是一个严格的茶饮人,但由于我还没有喝咖啡,这是下一个最好的东西。现在告诉我,你最喜欢的松散茶是什么?!

Origins Ginger Hand Soap and Lotion。If you’ve been following along for awhile you may recognize this as one of my favorite nostalgic scents. It reminds me of the week Max was born, so I love having it somewhere in the house. This is the soap I threw in our bathroom after the holiday one finished and it smells so wonderful!

Merece Laminator。覆膜圣诞节一定要求。All I wanted to do was laminate my kids’ art work! Max draws so much everyday and in order to preserve some of the keepers, this was needed!


Nordstrom Moonlight Layering Ts。I’ve mentioned these a million times but they are the BEST layering tees. They are so soft, stretchy and fitted. They are slightly sheer so you can’t really wear them alone, but I adore them under everything.

Barefoot Dreams In The Wild robe。我的妈妈给我这个圣诞节,我崇拜它。我实际上没有用它作为长袍,而是我一直在房子的第一级羊毛衫,因为它现在正在冻结。我每天都穿它!


Josh Groban’s Harmony album. My mom told me about this album and I love it. I adore Josh Groban and his is one of the last concerts we attended before 2020. This is so good! My kids are loving it too.

The Wife Upstairs。I read a ton in January (lots of good ones too!) but I think this was the one I couldn’t put down the most. If that makes sense. It’s a thrilled and while maybe a little predictable, really good and I just couldn’t wait to see what happened!


地板是熔岩游戏。The kids got this for Christmas and are equally in love with it. It’s really fun to play, especially if your kids are into the whole hot lava thing.

Color Me Fun Big Coloring Pages。Max is OBSESSED with these. He got one for his birthday and then a few for Christmas. They keep him entertaining for a long time. Emilia likes them too, but not as much as he does. They are super fun, even for adults! We love coloring them with the kids.

Djeco Collage Art Kit。现在这些是艾米利亚的最爱。她得到了一个圣诞节,我自从她买了那个所做的其他人以来,因为她非常爱他们。每天她都问她是否可以在她醒来时拼贴,这真可爱。她喜欢任何类型的艺术,让她的时间做。这些都很有趣。

T is for Tame Hair Styler。This is the hair styling spray I’ve used on Max for the last three years. I’ve had so many questions about it when I show it on instagram. It smells like cake, doesn’t get crunchy or crispy in the hair and sprays nicely. I love it.